Sheducation homewatch event Thursday at Corfe Coffee

Come along and meet David Morgan our new safer neighbourhood police officer and get free advice on crime prevention from homewatch. You can also buy subsidised security equipment forcyour home, vehicles and outbuildings from the sheducation trailer. This thursday 20th june all day at Corfe Coffee.


My mum passed away on the 3rd June. I apologise if I have been less easy to contact in the last couple of weeks. If you need any assistance in the next week please contact Cllr. Patrick Edwards who is the comservative district councillor for Corfe mullen south. Or if its not urgent, leave me a message on my answer phone or email me. I will be at her funeral on Friday. I will endeavour to help in anyway possible from next week. I am sorry for any inconvenience caused, but I hope you will appreciate that it is a difficult period of time.

Volunteers needed for Corfe Mullen speed initiative

Corfe Mullen homewatch and the police are looking for several volunteers to join us on blandford road and other speed hotspots to set up speedtraps. These would initially be used to pull over speeding vehicles and record their speeds and warn them that if they are pulled over again for speeding in Corfe mullen, they will be prosecuted. The recent accidents have highlighted these dangers especially to children in the village. This kind of reckless behaviour will no longer be tolerated in the village.

Car and Vehicle break ins on the rise in Corfe Mullen

At the homewatch meeting last thursday, David Morgan our Neighbourhood police officer informed us that there has been a large number of car and van break ins on the Phelipps estate. Please make sure you take everything out of yur car and lock it securely, even in the daytime. Most of these thefts happened in the day.

It is being taken very seriously, David and his team are patrolling the area more often and intend to use a sting car to catch the criminals.

I also suggested a car and van safety event in Corfe mullen, where items such as radios, tools and satnavs can be police marked, so they can be returned easier if stolen. David has agreed to look into this for us and will report back as soon as it is arranged.

Watch this space….

Corfe Mullen satellite foodbank

I had a meeting with all the church leaders, health visitors, synergy, the childrens centre and Wimborne food bank on the 5th June. It was agreed that a satellite store and foodbank centre should be set up in Corfe Mullen. The Chapel in the valley and st. Nicholas churches are prepared to proviee the rooms and transport hampers to anyone in need. The family church and all the above can issue food vouchers.

If you need help from the foodbank, or know someone who does, contact either myself, or the parish office or any of the churches and we will help in qny way possible. Also, if you can volunteer any time to help with the foodbank (even if its only an hour) then please contact either Pamela Walker (st. Nicholas church) or Andy Binnington (chapel in the valley) or the childrens centre Corfe Mullen.

Corfe Mullen stays Libdem

I want to say a big thank you to all my helpers in the election campaign.  We put up a valliant fight, but our vote evaporated into the altar of UKIP. Congratulations to Susan Jefferies on her retention of the ward,

I would also like to mention and thank David Packer for all his hard work on behalf  of Colehill. David lost his seat last night to the Libdems. He has tirelessly worked for Colehill for many years.

Congratulations must go to Robim Cook who held Minster for the comservatives and increased his majority and Peter Richardson who held his seat away from UKIP with a majority of 2 votes.

We have to learn from UKIPs  success and live to fight another day.



Councillor surgeries

Meet Patrick Edwards and myself at our joint surgery on Saturday 13th April. At 12:30pm at Corfe Coffee. We hold it at the same time every fortnight.

Corfe Mullen Conservatives new Facebook page

Corfe Mullen conservatives have a new facebook page. Any one who has conservative values or wants to join our group is welcome to post concerns or events on the site.

Just typein Corfe mullen Conservatives in to the facebook search bar and scroll down to the page.

RIP Margaret Thatcher

I was very saddened to hear about the death of our first and only Lady Prime minister. She overcame biggotry and sexism to become the first ever female in Uk history to get the top job. She always stood by her convictions and fought the over powerful unions that led to corpses not being buried, the streets full of rats and rubbish and blackouts during the 1970’s. She won and ensured that strikes could only be held, if the majority of the unions members had voted in favour of it, not when a union baron wanted some publicity.

She also introduced the right to buy and won the falkland islands back after the argentinians illegally invaded and tried to steal them away in 1983.

In respect for her memory, I will not be campaigning for the county elections for the next few days.

Lower Blandford road child safety concerns.

It has come to my attention that there is a real problem of speeding at the top of Lower Blandford road, near the cutway from Roman heights onto the road. A few children have narrowly missed being run over as the double whammy of speeding motorists and the blindspot around the cutway has lead to motorists not seeing schoolchildren crossing to the cutway, when walking back home from Corfe hills

I am currently working with dorset county council, east dorset district council and the residents to find a solution to the problem.

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